About usWe are always on hand to provide you with our endless passion, unique talent but also with our knowledge and expertise so the wedding of your dreams will become a unique, actual and unforgettable experience. Read below everything you need to know about us.

The Company

Mike Vekris Entertainment is in simple terms the personal vision of its founder, Mike Vekris. An innovative service provider with a clear mission and certain objectives. Objectives that aim to meet the expectations of those who trust us with their special moments through personal care, creativity and attention to every detail.

Our expertise, in all kinds of international events has set us, as one of the major entertainment providers for destination events in the Greek market.

The Team

Teamwork is the Key to success. Having great awareness of our responsibility and in order to serve better our couples we constantly expand our team, staffing it with the best DJs, technicians, sound engineers and light designers. Through an innovative operations management process we design, plan, manage and implement each and every reception, maintaining the quality of our services at the highest level ensuring thereof its success.

The Vision

Our success has been based to a large extent on our unique vision. A vision based on continuous client satisfaction - even after the end of their reception - as a response to their trust in us. Without any doubt we would say that our passion for destination weddings and our desire to create unforgettable moments of incomparable quality and premium style is our driving force. It is also the common denominator of everyone who works in the team of Mike Vekris Entertainment.

The Philosophy

If there is something that differentiate us, it the different approach to our clients and their needs. This is why we handle every particular event as a great opportunity. A chance to be creative and innovative at the same time. Setting as our first priority, the services we offer to meet the highest quality standards, we intend to provide incomparable entertainment and services of aesthetic perfection.

The Style

One of the things we love is style. Aesthetics and elegance are primary factors in the events we work on. Both in terms of music but also regarding our overall appearance and presentation. Always paying the maximum attention to even the most simple details we handle our services as form of art. By applying innovative techniques of presentation and installation of our equipment we set new standards in the Greek event industry.

Mike Vekris

The Man With The Plan

From the first day of his professional career two things have characterized Mike. Passion and Vision. Passion was his power and vision was his tool. Being always loyal to his values as a professional DJ, he has always aimed to create unforgettable memories, happy moments and bright smiles. He decided then, (back in to 2004) to align those values with high quality wedding entertainment services where he created his personal project: the company Mike Vekris Entertainment.

His specialization and experience in destination weddings has been the path to success of those who trusted him with the most important day of their lives. This is something that led him to obtain remarkable awards, distinctions and the best recommendations in the domestic wedding industry. It is no coincidence that one of his biggest competitors, has chosen him to DJ on his wedding.

Mike's career - before devoting himself entirely to the destination weddings - included stark stops in various activities and events, such as DJ sets in Bars and Clubs, as well as participation in world-class events. Traveling across the globe (England, France, Italy, Russia, Emirates, America, Bahames, etc.) for his performances has gained useful experience for the international wedding industry, which he now uses to design unforgettable wedding nights in the Greek islands (Mykonos, Paros etc) or abroad.

From the early years to this day, he follows his passion, to perfect his abilities, to learn about new trends and to create new experiences for couples looking for a special and attentive entertainment of high aesthetics in their wedding in Greece (or abroad). He participates in national and international wedding exhibitions, conventions, seminars and speeches by adopting new practices, high technology applications and developing new products and services.

Currently he «makes his dream a reality». A dream which includes magical destinations, happy couples, special moments and incredible energy.

Environmental Responsibility

We are always vigilant regarding our environmental consciousness. With the greatest respect for the environment we make every possible effort to ensure that our services have the lowest possible ecological footprint, both in terms of our administration and event production operations. Some of the ways to achieve more efficient resource management is as follows: The recycling of batteries, used equipment, machinery, inks, bulbs, paper, plastic etc. We try to avoid printing of any kind and the use of paper in general. Our procedures in most of their parts and being handled and executed in an electronic - paperless - environment. Careful maintenance of our cars and equipment. Our cars and hardware are our most vital tools. We take great care of their maintenance so they can be always ready to be cast in the fierce battle of high-end wedding entertainment while at the same time their consumption would be maintained at the lowest level possible. Avoiding unnecessary journeys. Every summer we and our affiliated tour operators are trying hard to make our tours as convenient and economic as possible. So we don't only spend valuable time on travelling but we don't pass such significant costs to our couples.

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