Dance Floor Lighting

We are sure you've seen in many concerts, TV shows and clubs various applications of modern lighting systems. We introduce below to you our two best solutions to boost your dance floor's mood so you can be sure that energy and festive ambience will not miss your dance floor at any time.

The systems we present are fully programmable based on the needs and requirements of each and every reception making sure that all of your lighting works exactly as it is supposed to without any cheesy «rainbows» or unrelated and ugly color swings.

Dancefloor Moving Lighting

The Dance floor Moving Lighting application is the kind of lighting responsible for giving energy and vibe on the dance floorof your wedding reception and the overall area of the venue. It is achieved by robotic state-of-the-art lighting fixtures which - after specific computerized programming and design - «wash» the area of the dance floor projecting various designs, gobos, shapes and other rotating combinations in accordance to the style of each occasion (dinner, 1st dance, party time) and the speed of the music.
The application of Moving Lighting depends on the reception area layout, the different installment and mounting techniques as well as on the other lighting applications that can be used.

How we program our lighting

Lighting | Before & After

Dancefloor Static (Wash) Lighting

Static Lighting gives harmony, consistency, «tone» and vitality to your dance floor at all times. It enhances the festive enviroment into your dance floor where it also prevents it from «running out» of light or colors. It doesn't invovle any light or beam movement since it only gives color variations and transitions. It is also used in combination with moving lights for a more complete and harmonized spectacular outcome.

We are planning an intimate wedding. Is lighting necessary?

Regardless of whether your dream wedding is simple or luxurious, dance floor lighting is a very useful tool to stimulate the festive atmosphere and maximize your guests' mood for dancing. However, the solutions we offer can also be adapted to simple weddings or very small receptions without affecting the overall sense of your wedding.

I am afraid that dance floor lighting will spoil the romantic effect my candles will create.

We are aware that the ambient lighting created by the candles and the overall sense of decoration need the less intervention to make sure that it does not lose its authenticity. However, during the party, the lighting of the dance floor is the one that triggers the difference between the dinner and party. For this reason, we program, adjust and operate our lighting fixtures in such a way that they are fully harmonized with each moment and under all circumstances. In this way we give the candle lighting the opportunity to emerge for as long as necessary, and then simply «complement» the result of an epic wedding party.

These flashing lights are a bit annoying during the dinner, aren't they?

Of course they are. But only when they flash in moments they do not need to. However, the programming of lighting is such at every reception so that the fixtures operate in harmony without being annoying or intense. For this very purpose, we use the most sophisticated lighting design software while our partners operate the lights «live» at any moment during the reception.

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