Decoration LightingJust think how many beautiful details of your decor, are missed or left unnoticed if they are not highlighted properly.

It may be a very simple element or a very special area of your venue which, if it could be properly illuminated it may acquire an entirely different perspective that will impress even the most demanding guest. We proudly present you some of the most innovative and elegant decorative lighting applications of the international wedding market.

We will also be happy to answer any of your questions or get in touch with your wedding planner/decorator in order to discuss which application fits best your needs.

String LightingRomance and Lighting meet each other

Light up your wedding reception space with our top-seller String Lights. This application provides a perfect way to give a special touch of light, with warm and romantic ambience.
They can be applied in many different ways, allowing us to implement from a simple arrangement up to the most complex lighting design. String Lights are the best - and most modern - type of ambient lighting for a dreamy, romantic and elegant result. Their brightness can be controlled by sophisticated dimmers, so the result would not be anything less than the desirable.

UplightingUnnoticed surfaces acquire value & beauty

If you have been inspired to convert your entire reception room into an extraordinary, yet elegant scenery then the use of uplighting will definitely be your favorite. Uplighting is in a sense the opposite application of pinspotting, wherein the light beams are directed upwards from fixtures installed on the ground. This special technique gives the outcome of an amazing smooth diffusion of light, glowing into the entire room through its large surfaces (walls, ceilings, curtains, pillars etc). Our sophisticated lighting systems give us the ability to manipulate your uplights into uncountable ways and variations be keeping them as a part of your dancefloor lighting or operate them independently. We have also worked into creating amazing uplighting designed specifically designed for tents or entire buildings.

PinspottingYour centerpieces will be the focus of attention

Pinspotting Lighting is a Lighting application which enhances the appearance of the centerpieces on each table (or other major elements of the venue) with the use of warm, sharp beams of soft light which also warm the general ambience of the room. The technique of pinspotting can also be used to bring attention to your wedding cake or any other small or big detail of your general wedding theme or decoration. Besides, it is a common technique you can use to keep your magnificent romantic ambience into the room when the lights will be dimmed down for your 1st dance or dinner. It can be applied in both outdoor and indoor facilities.

Pattern Projection LightingPut your theme everywhere

One of the most unique ways to carry out a theme or an overall event design is with the use of pattern projections on various surfaces (such as walls, ceilings or dance floors) of your entire venue. Thanks to its versatility you can give any texture you want onto the projection surface which in combination with your overall decoration will give a more magical feel to your venue. You can choose from our ready-made samples with numerous pattern designs or you can provide us with your own. The pattern projection lighting technique is an innovative version of the well-known custom monogram projection.

Under Table LightingShould the tables themselves be a part of your decoration?

For a more complete and dreamlike effect we can illuminate for you the interior of your tables. Using sophisticated battery operated lighting fixtures we make sure that not a single inch of your entire reception area will be left without light. The result will be a magnificent boost of the entire ambience of your reception which we are sure you will not get enough of it.

Our battery operated wireless fixtures can be programmed in accordance to your overall lighting design (string lights, uplights, pinspots etc) so your table lighting can also be harmonized with the rest of your amazing lighting applications.

Special Lighting Applications

decoration lighting for wedding in Greece | Rope Lights

Rope Lights

It might look like some kind of seasonal type of lighting, but believe us, this is not it's only application. With proper use and implementation it can bring out, in the most simple but elegant way the entire venue of your reception but also at the same time it will provide adequate light without affecting the romantic aspect of your special moment. There are many designs and styles available for you to choose in collaboration with your wedding planner/decorator.

Illuminated Jars for Weddings in Greece

Illuminated Jars

Add some smart and beautiful elements in your table of wishes or your buffet with our charming illuminated jars. Battery operated decorative lights will give a special feel to your decor. We can either provide the jars with the lights fixed, or we may only provide the lights so you can use the containers of your choice.

decoration lighting for wedding in Greece | Giant Orbs

Giant Orbs

A modern version of stable lighting fixtures that can become a part of your summer wedding's decor are the innovative Orbs. Illuminated by special battery systems without any cables the orbs are the prevalent solution of self-luminous decoration items for any wedding party.

decoration lighting for wedding in Greece | Pool Lighting

Pool/Sea Lighting

If there is something that makes a place wonderful, we believe that is the presence of water. Whether it is the sea, a swimming pool or even a fountain. Sophisticated submersible light fixtures can give a more unique sense to the sea or the pool. They can convey either static lighting or they can change colors and variations according to the music. Contact us for more details.

Wash Lighting Dark spots in the venue? Not anymore

Wash Lighting is a common way to illuminate your entire reception (or ceremony) venue, in case there isn't such a thing provided. It can yet be elegantly and carefully implemented so you can still enhance the most beautiful elements of your decoration design on theme. Everything you might think of can be illuminated using our Wash Lighting techniques (such as gardens, beaches, rocks, corridors, walkways, stairwells etc). Various alternatives on halogen (conventional) or LED (electronic) fixtures are available depending on the requirements of each application.

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