DJ Services in Greece

Our experience over the years in events and receptions around the world has taught us a useful lesson.
"Α successful event has to be unforgettable "

The greatest factor in the success of a wedding reception has always been entertainment itself. While entertainment holds the lower percentage in the overall budget of a wedding, it is on the other hand what guests will remember more than anything else from this night.

The experienced and talented professional wedding DJs of MVWE is the ultimate guarantee of a wedding night full of dancing and also of a packed dance floor as well. Being always updated for every new trend in the music industry we are ready to design the best «path to success» for your wedding. Because your success if our satisfaction (and vice-versa) we constantly expand our team with new - carefully selected - DJs through a strict selection process. We also adopt new ideas and services (Video DJing, Karaoke, Traditional Live Greek Bands etc) while we remain aware of the new standards of the global wedding and event industry by attending the largest exhibitions in Greece and abroad or by constantly attending seminars, conferences and presentations.

With different options available, ready to respond to all kinds of occasions and receptions we will work together so that your wedding reception will be nothing less than the ultimate wedding party you have dreamed of.

Awesome Wedding Entertainment Moments Caught on Video

A good DJ does not only play good music. He creates emotions. Watch below how we do it

Videos featuring Live Audio Feed

Get a close look on the exact style, mood and outcome from our wedding DJ services, shot on real weddings all-around-Greece and abroad.
Giuliano & Ilia | August 2014
Italian Wedding in Syros
Aneta & Marcus | June 2016
English Wedding in Santorini

Frequently Asked Questions on DJ Services

The most frequently asked questions about our DJ Services are answered below

Who will be the DJ at my wedding?

The majority of the weddings we undertake are personally managed by our head DJ, Mike Vekris. However, in cases where this is not feasible for practical or technical reasons (previous date booking by another couple, long distance, etc.), one of our highly skilled and long experienced associate Djs can take over your wedding. In any case, however, you will have full knowledge about the exact DJ who will perform at your reception, as you will come in contact with him and discuss everything you need to.

I want to know a few words about your DJs.

The DJs of Mike Vekris Wedding Entertainment come from the so-called «high layers» of Greek wedding entertainment market. They are fully specialized wedding DJs exclusively in international weddings with multiple kilometers «under their headphones», while a common feature of all our team members is the inexhaustible passion for quality entertainment, creativity and personal development. Our team lists DJs of different musical skills - according to the individual requirements of each wedding - with a rich artistic background covering the whole range of ages and music styles.

Can I give you playlists?

Of course you can. However, in order to simplify the process of collecting your playlists, we have invested in designing a customized interactive pdf form designed to gather all your music preferences and instructions so that all the information we need is properly archived and comprehensible. After finalizing the booking of your wedding date, we will send you the music planning form that you need to fill in and send it back to us. Then we can also have a Skype meeting to finalize all the details and discuss everything in depth.

Do you accept requests?

This issue is particularly delicate. Basically a wedding DJ follows a specific tactic to satisfy his audience, which requires fine and correct manipulations in his DJ set so that consistency and proper flow can be maintained through the night. That's why we suggest that you deliver your requests in advance so that we can fit them correctly into your wedding party. Otherwise, and under certain circumstances, we would be happy to receive your requests on the spot, provided we satisfy them in such a way that the flow is not adversely affected.

Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience in Greece?

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