Q: Is There An Hourly Fee For Your Services Or A Flat Rate?
A: In the majority of the events we work on, our services are not provided in a particular time frame. This ensures you some kind of flexibility and comfort in organizing your event and gives us at the same time the opportunity to do whatever it takes for its success. Therefore we prefer to provide our services over a flat rate (charged per event or per night). In particular cases and under certain conditions we may jointly agree to work at an hourly fee. Contact us for more information.

Q: Are You In Permanent Collaboration With Any Wedding Venues/Facilities?
A: This is a question we would proudly answer immediately. No we don’t. Even more proudly we would publicly signify that we never had and won’t be in the future. Our ultimate goal has always been to provide incomperable wedding entertainment services to couples who are looking for something different, other than the ordinary – cookie cutter – options. Nevertheless our services appeal to couples with a high sense of aesthetics and particular requirments who are also able to understand what exactly we provide and we are experts in it. It would be rather pointless to engage all of our energy, talent and passion into a single wedding venue which might not be able to divert 100% of our dynamics to our prospective clients. On the other hand we support the concept that the first and last word in a couple’s choice of their wedding DJ should always be theirs. So we prefer to stick to a more difficult path by working for couples who share the same mindset with ours than to become yet another drop into the ocean of countless impersonal wedding entertainment companies.

Q: Do You Sign A Contract With Your Clients
A: The legal contract is a very good way for you, as a client, to know for what job exactly you are hiring us, how much it will cost precisely and many other details regarding the cooperation among us. On the other hand we as a company are committed through this agreement for seamless delivery of the services agreed and also undertake our obligations and responsibilities. For this reason it is fair to sign a contract in any case. Among other than a typical procedure it also involves legal and tax issues which we are supposed to follow as a law abiding company.

Q: Are You A Legally Registered Company?
A: Of course. Our company is legally registered in the Greek Business Chamber and the General Commercial Registry of Greece. Also under the Greek Tax Legislation we are obliged to issue legitimate receipts and invoices for the services we offer.

Q: Do You Take Over Events Out Of Athens/Santorini?
A: We not only take them over, but we love this kind of events. We would be very happy to travel anywhere in Greece (or abroad) to personally take care of your event. Our network of carefully selected partners includes acclaimed travel agencies and hotels in all popular destinations in Greece, which relieves you from the additional concerns regarding our transportation and accommodation. Contact us for further details.

Q: What Services Do You Offer?
A: Our series of services has been designed in such a way as to be able to meet the simplest but even the most advanced needs of each event. Whether it regards Disc Jockey Services, Technical Production or additional services we have invested in flexibility, premium quality and innovation. More information on our services you can find on our services section. In case you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q: Will you use any banners, or other advertising on my wedding’s setup?
A: Our presence is one of the things we care about the most. Thus we believe that your reception is an opportunity for us to express our talent, providing you with top-class services, accompanied by an overall experience hard to find in the Greek wedding industry. Your wedding reception will never be an opportunity for direct advertising in any way. Besides we are absolutely convinced that our work «advertises itself» which exempts us from the need to place even a small sticker on our laptop’s lid.

Q: Who is going to DJ, at my wedding?
A: The vast majority of the receptions we work on are managed and implemented by our chief-in-charge, Mike Vekris. In the unfortunate event that his presence is impossible (due to prior reservation, remote distance etc) then some of our carefully selected professional DJs will handle your reception exactly as Mike would (and even better). The DJs we work with are permanent partners of our company, highly skilled and very experienced. In this way we make sure that there will not be any qualitative difference between our partners.

Q: Is a small company like yours, able to carry out all those promises?
A: One of the major characteristics that differntiate us in the Greek Wedding Industry, is our persistence on quality. The quality of the overall experience you will get from us will always come first. For this reason our operations always work in such a level where the quality of the experience we will provide you will be nothing less than a superb five star wedding party. We always prefer quality over quantity. Our coordination team is always more than ready to handle all the necessary issues, making sure that everything will be executed just as anticipated. Personal care, passion and love will always be present in every single wedding, every time, anywhere, anyhow. This is what gets us excited, this is what you deserve.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: As official medium of exchange (according to the Greek regulations) we use either the method of payment in cash or via interbank wire transfer of funds. Our company keeps accounts in all major Greek banks as well as in Banks in Luxembourg and Switzerland. We also maintain accounts in all common currencies (Euro, US Dollars, Swiss Francs, British Pounds) in order to keep the costs of our transactions at a low level. Finally we provide also the alterative of payments through Paypal or by Credit/Debit cards through our POS Terminal systems. Please note that personal and bank checks are not accepted by our company.

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