Different Applications. Same Extraordinary Outcome

Each wedding has something special that needs to be emphasized. Techniques might change but the result is always one-of-a-kind. See below briefly some of the techniques we apply

Dance Floor Lighting

The lighting your dance floor needs to prevent your guests from leaving it even for a single minute. Native sense of club, high aesthetics and mood for dancing.

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Static Conventional Lighting

Simple but yet equally unique way of lighting. It can be applied to situations where your wedding venue is deficient in lighting or you want to make a little upgrade to the existing one.

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Pin Spotting

Bring your centerpieces to the center of attention. Boost your the decoration or theme design by making it really impressive. A unique way to make it worth the investment.

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Pattern Projection Lighting

Large surfaces of your venue or ballroom, that you want to make them look in harmony? Imaginative patterns of light can do this hard work for you.

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Fairy Lights

Countless small lights in an array, will create the fabulous background that surely brings to your reception a touch of a...fairytale

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String Lights

Romantic, white, warm light will brighten your dining area or dance floor. Thanks to our hanging string bulbs romantic lighting finally finds the place it belongs.

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How It Looks

See below how the applications look on real weddings


This is how dance floor lighting applications will look like on your wedding.


Various examples of Decoration Lighting Applications applied in real weddings.

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