Dancing On The Clouds

Have you ever imagined the heavenly feeling of a romantic dance on the clouds? And yet this is possible and we can make it happen on YOUR wedding. Thanks to its innovative style and spectacular performance it will certainly extort the best impressions. It is no coincidence that is considered the best seller among all luxury wedding enhancements worldwide.

Its technical implementation is based on the natural phenomenon of vaporization, without any use of chemicals, which means that in no way will affect your breathing or stain your dress or the floor. A dense white cloud of dry ice remains for about 4-5 minutes just a few centimeters from the ground giving the opportunity to your guests to admire it and your photographer the chance to create amazing portraits that will remind you this unique moment forever.
It doesn’t also trigger any firefighting alarms and of course it doesn’t smell at all. It can be applied in both open air or indoor facilities.

Custom Monogram Projection (Gobo)

If you like to see things from a more artistic point of view, or if you want your reception to have a stylish tone based entirely on your personal taste then we are sure you'll love the Custom Monogram Projection.

It is in fact a visual design ornament that can accommodate anything you would like to show your guests on your special night. It may be the initials of your names, the artwork of your wedding invitation, a humorous quote or anything else. The projection possibilities are quite many since it can be projected on any smooth (or slightly rough) surface (such as walls, curtains, ceilings, dance floors, tents, buildings etc) and can be displayed throughout the whole reception.

You can choose from the ready-made samples we have prepared for you, or alternatively you can create your own. We then take over for the process of its engraving on a special glass «lens»...which you can keep as a souvenir afterwards.

Our professional graphic designers will be happy to assist you in the whole process so that it will be exactly as you want it.

Fully Customizable Mirror Photo Booths The most amazing photobooth, ever!

All those amazing moments of fun, excitement and joy can be now captured in the most glamorous and fun way. The mirror Booth stands out for it"s amazing look and aesthetics, the amazingly easy user interface, and it"s awesome features.The user experience is so unique, fun and familiar. How complicated can it be to stand in front of your mirror and take a selfie? Especially when this mirror talks to you, guides you, compliments you, and all you have to do is touch it.

In collaboration with the best photobooth provider in Greece we can provide you and your guests not just a photobooth, but with an unsurpassed interactive experience thay everybody will definitely love.

Custom Animated Monogram Projection

If you are looking for a more vibrant and vivid solution for your custom monogram then our innovative Animated Gobo Projection will definitely amaze you and your guests. Thanks to its special design it can continuously repeat itself with a large number of smooth movements and effects. You can also choose the fonts and decorations of your choice or even the background decoration of the whole projection.

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