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The modern era of wedding entertainment has arrived and it is right here. A powerful DJ Set is definitely a very good condition for a memorable wedding party. But for a wedding reception like yours, this would not even be enough. Following the pulse of the international wedding entertainment industry, we present to you some innovative suggestions below to raise the level of entertainment to the highest point. Dance groups, live bands, session musicians, string quartets and live professional MCs are only some of the components that will bring a unique touch of luxury and unforgettable amusement to your wedding party in Greece. See below.


B&W Drums

B&W DRUMS is a percussion band, based in Athens, Greece.
Travel around Greece & abroad, in order to offer their services. They offer performance shows, especially during social events such as weddings, receptions, bachelor & bachelorette parties, corporate events etc.

The goal is to surprise and attract the attention of the guests, wile at the same time build a dynamics ambience for the entrance of the couple.

Also, for the beginning of the party, they urge gusts to dance. The band moves around playing percussions over a music playlist in collaboration with the Dj, and therefore boost the fun.

During the event, the B&W DRUMS band is in constant move, taking different shapes and forms, playing percussion and building up the party mood.

Alternatively our choreographer, along with the people hosting the event, can prepare tailor made choreographies for theme weddings, receptions etc.

It is an original, complete proposal for those looking for something different and impressive for their special day. The band consists of men and women, always showing up as couples in the events.

Especially for gay weddings, you have the option to choose between the female or male group. 

Euphoria, excitement, enthusiasm, with the live sound of percussions. For those who want something different, on their wedding.


Andrew Siveras | Saxophonist for Weddings in Greece

Andrew Siveras

Make the most memorable day of your life more special with the skilled saxophonist Andrew Siveras!

Andrew Siveras, a professional sax player with many years of experience, guarantees you superb musical accompaniment – the ideal choice for weddings, christenings, events and parties, which satisfies the requirements of even the most discerning customers. The melodies played by saxophone create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere in the most special moments of your life.

The large variety of songs, the live melodies, the sound quality and the passion for music will be an important element in the success of your event!!!

Antony Lazos | Saxophonist for Weddings in Paros, Mykonos, Santorini and all over Greece

Antony Lazos

 With a multiannual experience in the world of concerts, professional appearances and organization of music events, Antony Lazos with his fresh ideas and experiences in professional cooperation with many recognized artists and professionals in the field of event organizing, promises to offer you the perfect music experience.

 With some deliberate professional refferals and groups consisted by artists from all the western music genres, he can cope with every professional challenge and cooperation, aiming at the most memorable and unique result.


Harp'Eri ©

Harp’Eri is born in Thessaloniki and at the age of 3 started involvement with music. She studied classic Harp, Piano and Music Theory at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki.

Besides her classic studies and seminars,she got involved in music composing and mastered different types of Harps. This way she also mastered different types of music , such as, contemporary and traditional greek, world music, jazz, rock,etc, always adopting the instrumentations into the particular sound "color" of the instrument. 

Because of this avocation of hers, she has 5 types of harp in her collection, allowing her to respond to any musical challenge in any environment.

  1. Ancient Greek harp (1,00 m)
  2. Electric silver harp (1,20 m)
  3. Celtic red harp (1,50 m)
  4. Big Gothic harp (1,70 m)                                                             
  5. Classic pedal harp (1,85 m)

In general, she is a ‘Folklore harpist’ who plays various kinds of music, but  she is distinguished in that she can play, from Ancient Greek music, Byzantine Hymns, Oriental music and traditional and Rebetika music of Greece etc. Please note that she always combines her performance  with the appropriate attire or outfit.

Harpist for Weddings in Santorini, Paros, Mykonos and more

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