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Fireworks for Weddings

The fireworks option is one of the most spectacular and impressive additions to any festive occasion, especially on weddings. You are welcome to pick the one that expresses best your taste, vision and style.
Aerial Firewors for Weddings in Greece

Aerial Fireworks

The aerial fireworks have been competently described as the «decoration of the sky». The scintillating addition to any special moment has become synonymous with celebration and spectacle. A large number of options are expecting you to fill the sky of your Reception with countless stars, clusters of glowing «umbrellas» and a spectacular combination of colors and flares.

In accordance to all safety regulations you have the opportunity to highlight the most important happenings of your reception (couple's entrance, cutting of wedding cake, first dance) in the most unique way.

Our qualified pyrotechnics, operate the fireworks systems in obedience with all safety protocols and regulations. There are various options available for performing all kinds of different shows in order to suit every possible need.

Aerial Fireworks Video Presentation

Floor Fountain Fireworks for Weddings in Greece

Floor Fountain Fireworks

The most simple firework alternative for those of you who want to go spectacular but want to keep it earthly and still be the center of attention. This kind of firework does not ever leave the ground and it is also absolutely safe and harmless. It can be applied in a variety of happenings (Party Kick-Off, 1st dance, couple's entrance etc) and it can also be synchronized with the music or a specific milestone or part of a song.

Due to its flexibility and versatility it can be launched in many different ways or formations (simultaneously or one-by-one) such as at a corridor-like formation, a square, circle etc. It can reach a height up to 6 meters (19 feet) and a duration of approximately 45 seconds.

Our sophisticated firing systems can accommodate any possible idea, formation or use.

Fountain Fireworks Video Presentation

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